5 Free and Easy Steps to find the Perfect Psychic / Tarot Reader for You and Where to Look

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Have you ever tried finding a psychic or a tarot reader online, and thought to yourself: “I don’t even know where to start?”

You’re not the only one.

With so many readers out there and so many places to *get* a reading, it can be frustrating to find one that’s right for you. Once you know what to look for, however, it's easier than you think - let me break down where you can find a reader and how to select a reader you'll love.

Feel free to skip to the end for the quick list!

Twitter, Instagram and Discord

These three social media sites are all very similar and share the same pros and cons.

👍 Getting an online reading through Twitter, Instagram and Discord is very easy - readers are constantly available and the prices here tend to be the lowest you’ll find. You can often get same-day or even same-hour delivery through these readers too.

👎 The downside is that there is very little quality control. Anyone can create a Twitter or Instagram account or open a Discord server and start offering readings. While these are great places to get a quick, cheap reading, the risk is that there is little one can do to evaluate quality. The best readers will be priced reasonably, typically have a wait period, and will have some sort of feedback mechanism.


Unlike the first category, Etsy has fantastic quality control. 👍 One can clearly see reviews and ratings to screen for quality. Prices also vary drastically, so Etsy readers will fit any budget.

👎 The downside here is that Etsy readers often have unreliable or very long response times, the psychic and tarot reader category is overrun by ads (typically from the same handful of people no less!), and most Etsy readers seem to only read through Etsy. I have to wonder why this is? If they loved reading for people and sharing their gifts, why are they only found in this one marketplace?


YouTube readers are great because they provide lots of free content and you get a real feel for who they are.

👍 This means you’re getting that all-important human connection. It is easy to tell who on Youtube is passionate about what they do and the sort of depth they are capable of giving in a private reading and it is easy to see which readers one can trust.

👍 They also put on live events, where you can ask questions and have them answered live, though other viewers can hear the response, too, which makes live feeds less private.

👎 The downsides to Youtube readers is that, like Twitter, Instagram and Discord, there’s no quality control, without a rating system. This is an easy work around, though - check the comments and the video ratings to see what others are saying so you can get a feel for whether the reader is right for you.

Tip: Look for readers who have presence in other places in addition to YouTube.


Hotlines may actually have the highest quality control of all and, because they are private and personal discussions, they also tend to provide a lot of detail. 👍 Bad readers will not last long at any hotline because of how stringent vetting processes are - you can rest assured you’re going to get a great reading on a hotline. It’s also very easy to get a reading, you just pick up the phone (or log into the website) and call or chat with them.

👎 The downsides to hotline readers almost completely negate the positives, especially in ethics. Hotline companies encourage their employees to read in a certain way, designed to keep the querent (that's you) on the line longer. For example, the reader may talk or type slower than they normally would because that's how they make money. Also remember that a hotline will take commissions from their readers, so to stay competitive, readers have to raise their price considerably just to earn enough money to pay their bills. 👎 Hotline readings are easily the most expensive way of getting a reading on this list.

The 5 Steps To Find The Perfect Reader

The best way to find the perfect reader for you is to consider what you want in a reader, and select as many "pros" from the above while limiting the "cons". Here’s a list of things to keep in mind to make sure you get the perfect reader:

🔮 Higher quality readers will cost extra money due to experience and the energy put into creating an in-depth reading.

🔮 Ensure there is a way to verify how good the reader is in advance if you can - check reviews, ratings, read comments, & spend time watching several videos.

🔮 Readers who are active in more than one place and have their own site show a dedication to their craft - check to see if the reader is found on multiple platforms instead of just one, trying to make some quick cash.

🔮 Make sure you are connecting with the right reader by giving them an interview first. Ask them the questions that are most important to you: How long have they been reading? What is their accuracy rate (hint: no one is 100% accurate)? How much information from you will they need? A good, ethical, quality reader will be willing to be transparent and work with you to ensure your experience is comfortable for you.

🔮 Last, perhaps the most important point, the reader has to "feel right" to you - if something feels off about a reader, look for someone else you can resonate with.

Follow these steps and you will find the perfect reader for you, every time! Of course, another option is to book a reading with Kassi from MomentsAre. Kassi:

  • Was a professional psychic working for the Keen hotline for many years, so you can rest assured she’s been properly vetted (and has fantastic reviews to show for it)

  • Has a Youtube presence, her own website, and is active on the MomentsAre twitter account, and has plenty of reviews

  • Always provides follow-up clarification if you need it to ensure your reading is easy to understand

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