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Manifestation and the Moon

As I went through my New Moon ritual last week, I don't think I was quite aware of the power I was tapping into. I didn't know it because I had ceased to be amazed by the effects of working with the Moon's energy. But it is amazing and I wanted to share with you just how amazing it can be to manifest your wildest dreams consistently. I have practiced manifestation for years now, at some points, even daily, and I'll tell you a secret that, I'm sure, some of you already know, but for those that don't, listen up: it's ridiculously easy. It's as easy as writing on a piece of paper, "I make thousands of dollars a week." I'll get to working with moon cycles in a minute, but I want to share exactly how I've been successful in manifesting. When I first started out, all I needed was a notebook, a pen, a willful spirit, and an imagination that had no limits. Every day, I'd sit with my journal and write out the things I wanted to manifest. For that period of time, I'd visualise these things coming to pass, I'd hype myself up by getting in a really good mood (sometimes I even listened to music I found particularly empowering), and I'd write the most outlandish things. "I have enough money to pay my bills and buy whatever I want." "Hundreds of people subscribe to my YouTube channel daily." "I am a positive force for good in the lives of people I touch." And then, I'd let it go. I'd close my journal and I wouldn't write again until the next day. At first, a few things happened that seemed fortunate, but after about two weeks, amazing things were happening. I had started a YouTube channel in 2018 and within weeks I had thousands of subscribers. After only a few months, I had worked my way up to 10,000 subscribers and my channel continued to grow. Meanwhile, viewers and others were stumbling upon my website at an unbelievable degree, at least doubling the readings I was giving each week. One might say but Kassi, of course you were able to manifest that stuff because you're a good reader; you have a quality channel and naturally, as people found your channel, you would get more readings. And perhaps they would be right. But I do not feel comfortable saying that yes, I'm so awesome that I did it all on my own (although I have to admit, I am pretty awesome ... if awesome is being super weird). No, getting into that energy every day did something to me. I don't know if it was the things I was writing down, the music I listened to, the visualisation, or the excited energy I seemed to be creating as I was practicing. All I know is that some pretty miraculous things started happening in my life. Stepping outside the situation, I think it was a combination of everything listed and the will to at least do something to help those manifestations along. I mean, I wasn't going to just get subscribers if I didn't post videos regularly. I did the work, yes, but I think the attitude I did that work with was enhanced by this practice. So let's go back to the New Moon in mid March 2021. I selected my herbs and flowers that corresponded to my intentions for the month. As I ground them into a powder, I imagined my wildest dreams coming true. After my ritual bath with the flower petals and candles corresponding to my intentions, I sat at my Altar. I steamed the herb powder to enjoy the fragrance of good things coming. I opened a spiral notebook - nothing fancy - and began writing.

Of course what I wrote down is personal, but good things started happening as soon as the next day! These were things I would have thought impossible 10 years ago. And so, for this month's full moon, I have had so much to celebrate. And that's what I wanted to point out. Manifesting is one thing, but working with the moon's cycles enhances the magic of manifesting. Planting seeds of intent at the New Moon to enjoy at the Full Moon is putting a timeframe on the process and using the power of cycles to fulfill your dreams. Between the Full Moon and the New Moon, one can focus on ridding oneself of the junk that's no longer serving them to prepare to allow even more miraculous seeds to plant at the next New Moon. Whether you're using the Moon's energy or not, I encourage everyone here to step into their full power. You can make amazing things happen. All you need is an open mind. Tips:

  • Write manifestations in the present tense, as if they have already happened. Otherwise, you may unintentionally, manifest more desire for the things you want.

  • Take as much time as you need. It might help to doodle the words, to put more energy into your intent or, maybe, it might take a long time to fully visualise your intentions. That's okay.

  • Don't be afraid to start big, but also, you might want to start out small. Measurable things, like "I wake up every day with more energy than the day before", might be a good place to start.

  • Keep track of the things you are manifesting in your life: this builds upon your belief in your manifestation abilities and will help bring confidence every time you write in your manifestation journal. It is my joy to share this with you, the reader, and may your days be magical and fulfilling!

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