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The Complete Guide to Manifestation: 6 Steps to Make your Dreams a Reality

Updated: Jul 5, 2021

Manifestation is a creative process you can use today to achieve everything you need and have ever wanted into your life. It's free, easy, and simple. Unfortunately, the many conflicting techniques out there with vague, confusing instructions make the art of Manifestation appear difficult and cumbersome with little to no results. If you've found yourself wanting your life to be one of abundance and joy, you're in the right place. Your dreams are waiting to come true and all you need to do is allow them to by following the 6 proven steps I will outline in this article.

Step 1: Understand how Manifestation Works

Manifestation works because it's not only spiritually viable, but because it's based on a scientific truth as well. Almost every religion or meditative path on the planet honours a form of prayer. If you are a religious or spiritual person, you probably know that there is power in connecting to spirit through prayer and hope. If you're not a religious person, that's okay. Just think about how you felt blowing out the candles on your last birthday or when you're playing a game and you hope that you draw the right card or roll the right number.

On the Scientific side, we can look at the power of the unconscious (or semiconscious) mind. You don't think it's a coincidence that "Manifesting your dreams" has a direct reference to one of the most famous functions of the unconscious mind, do you? Dreaming, like Manifestation, comes from the creativity of the unconscious mind. Hypnotists, Psychotherapists, and Motivational Speakers are aware of this powerful tool because it removes blocks and opens the gate to the awareness that everything really is possible.

Step 2: Get rid of Scarcity Consciousness

Scarcity Consciousness is all about having the feeling, thought, or belief that there is not enough in the world. All you have to do to get rid of this attitude is to realise that sort of thinking is absolutely untrue. There is more than enough of everything anyone needs in this world and, because there's enough, there's more than enough for you. There is enough money, love, and abundance out there for anything you could possibly think of. All you have to do is embrace this as truth (and it is) and believe it!

Step 3: Find a piece of paper and something to write with

Yes, it's that easy. These are the only tools you need to begin. I would encourage you to date or number your pages so that you can keep a record and enjoy looking back to see just how effective you are at Manifestation. Eventually, you may want to get a journal or notebook for this. I have found that having a special journal or notebook (it doesn't have to be fancy) works best. It signals to your mind that this is part of your sacred space as it serves one unique purpose. Of course, you can call it what you want - a book of shadows, letters to the universe, or your diary. What it actually is, though, is a way to focus your creative energy into the Manifestation process.

Step 4: Write the life you want to create in the Present Tense

Manifestation is not about some future place where you will or could have what you need. This process is happening now, as you write, so write in the present tense, as if you already have it. This way you are not only telling your unconscious mind that you are already living your dream (so it will start looking for that dream and find it for you), but you are also using the Law of Attraction (Like attracts Like) to do the work for you. For example, instead of writing, "I will make more money" You will manifest by writing, "I make thousands of dollars every week." Another example is instead of writing, "I am finding the man of my dreams." You will manifest by writing, "The man of my dreams tells me he loves me every day." Why? In the first example, you put yourself in a place where you are constantly going to anticipate money in the future. That's not what you want. You want to have that money now. In the second example, the first sentence puts you in the act of finding, constantly about to discover that person rather than already enjoying his love.

Step 5: As you write, put energy into your words

Any form of devotion or magic takes some energy and focus. Activate what you Manifest by imagining what it feels like to have thousands of dollars every week. Imagine the scent and sound of millions of people across the globe waiting in line to buy your book or product. What would your children look like if they were completely happy? What does the man of your dreams look like and how does he treat you? Imagine life-changing happiness and imagine that change. Feel the change happening as you are willing it into existence. Feel the tingles of excitement and your heart soaring with joy as the abundance of the universe fills up your soul and body.

This part is particularly abstract, and for some, there might need to be some symbolism involved or help at first. This is perfectly fine. Something I used to do is play empowering music when I wrote because it got me pumped up and full of excitement. Another thing you could do is draw the star of creation (⛤) at the bottom of your page and circle it to activate your Manifestations symbolically. You could also appeal to the help of a deity or ancestors as well.

How you experience the abundance of your dream life will be unique to you and Manifesting that life as you write it out is your own authentic creative endeavour. So, use your creative gifts to enhance your work. You may want to draw what it looks like, write in elegant calligraphy or make a full colouring page out of one desire. All that matters is that you are putting energy into this sacred creative process.

Step 6: Repeat Daily and keep track of your Results

Write daily. As you fill the pages with this creative Manifestation, like magic, you will quickly

see your dreams Manifesting. Take note of the amount of time it takes for you to realise your Manifestation and challenge yourself to do even better. If it takes 2 weeks to Manifest an extra thousand dollars, try Manifesting two thousand the following week. And here's an extra-special added bonus: not only will your experience massive amounts of success, but you are in your own personal power and aligning your soul with your life's purpose. Your life's purpose will reveal itself to you and become clear as you practice this daily active meditation because you live your best life. Blessings and opportunities present themselves and you'll even have the luxury of saying "no" to some because you know you can do better!

Something else will also happen. As you align with the power of creativity, and enjoy the extraordinary experience of abundant living, you will want to start telling others how easy it is. And here's the weirdest part ... many of them won't listen. Many people won't believe that this is possible. They may argue that you were already beautiful, so of course you could have anyone you want. Or, they might say that you've always been lucky or talented. And who's really to say they're wrong? But what they'll miss is that you're also right: anyone can follow these simple steps and discover how to live a magical life by Manifesting daily.

A final Word

Following these steps will work to fill your heart and soul with everything you need, but you do have to follow these steps. If, along your journey, you experience a slump or start to feel like you're somehow losing the skill you once had, come back to this page and re-read this article. In fact, you are best off bookmarking it right now so you won't lose it. Anytime you need a boost, go over the 6 steps again and find what is missing. You'll be back to Manifesting in no time! If you are interested in purchasing a Manifestation journal straight away, you can browse our collection by clicking here. And remember, if you are interested in uncovering more secrets about your life and how it will unfold, you can always book a reading with me. - Kassi

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