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What Kind of Psychic Intuitive to Hire Based on What Kind of Information you Want to Know

Updated: Feb 26, 2021

I would imagine that it's not a surprise to find out there are multiple kinds of professionals who use their intuitive gifts to help people accomplish different goals. My intention in writing this is not to say whether or not these various kinds of psychics are valid or not; that's something I am unable to do on a personal level and, chances are, it's something you'd be unable to do as well. My intention is to inform you, the reader of this article, of where to look for intuitive guidance based on what you want to know.

Psychic Intuitives is the phrase I'm using to describe those with gifts that go beyond what science can currently explain. All of the different kinds of professions described in this article is a profession of a Psychic Intuitive. When I refer to "Psychics" in this article, I am referring to those who have one of the "Clairs" or ability to, without tools, know things intuitively without explaining how they are able to know. A Psychic is able to perform any of these different intuitive tasks, but I have found the professions to be a better way to gauge whether or not one has specialised knowledge.

I want to connect with a loved one who has passed away or I want to meet my Spirit Guides

If you would like to connect with the world of the deceased, the best sort of psychic to hire would be a Psychic Medium or Shaman. A Psychic medium is someone who is able to communicate with those who are no longer in their physical body. Psychic mediums tend to speak with those who they describe as being "passed over" or "on the other side" who reside in the world of the Afterlife. Some Psychic Mediums also have the ability to speak with entities that still reside on the earth plane and have not yet crossed over. A Shaman is often treated as a seat of honour in certain cultures as a member of a community who is able to communicate with entities in other realms. A Shaman might be able to communicate with ancestors or the spirits of the dead, but are also sought out to find information about the animal world or even the dream world. Also recommended: A Psychic Detective. By use of Psychometry or the ability to gain information about someone by touching an item that belongs to that person (clothing, for example). These Intuitive detectives sometimes work with police to find missing people. The gift of Psychometry is also called "clairangency", or translated directly, means "clear touch". A psychic detective can also be used as a medium if you simply want to learn more about a person's life before they crossed over.

Tip: Try to find a Psychic Intuitive who has had a Near Death Experience if you are particularly interested in the afterlife specifically.

I want to know general information about my fate or life path

For those of you who are looking for general information about your life's path, you can get this information from Astrologists. An Astrologer is able to read a person's celestial chart based on the placement of planets not only at the time of birth, but based on how they move throughout one's lifetime. They can give a lot of general information about your soul's purpose, the biggest life challenges you will face, phases to be aware of at certain ages, and give you a bit of information regarding predictions in your life based on your Astrological chart.

Also recommended: Card Readers. Some Card Readers are able to divine the same information by use of the tools they use. Card Readers are Psychic Intuitives who are able to access knowledge outside of observable reality by using cards to help guide their intuition to a certain situation. Many Card Readers are also Psychics, or those who have one or more gifts for divining information outside of what science can explain without tools. Oftentimes, the cards (or the Astrological chart, for Astrologists) are just a way to focus the intuitive gift.

I have a physical or psychological ailment and I'd like to try Psychic treatment

In this case, I'd recommend a Reiki Master or Energy Healer. A Reiki Master can use a variety of ways to heal someone's energy. Sometimes they will use crystals or massage to heal someone. Sometimes a Reiki Master is able to see fields of energy around a person called an Aura. Based on the colours present in this person's Aura, they are sometimes able to make suggestions about ways to alleviate pain.

Also recommended: An Analytical Psychologist. Unknown to many, though it's not that much of a well kept secret, those in the psychology field who are more drawn to Psychodynamics and go on to be Psychodynamic Psychologists or Analytical Psychologists also have intuitive gifts. Carl Jung created Analytical Psychology and in his collected works outlines a science-based approach to discerning information outside of the realm of the physical 5 senses. Analytical Psychologists often work with dreams, hypnosis (to access unconscious material everyone carries around with them) in combination with their gifts and scientific training to help heal people with psychological ailments.

I want to find out about who I was in a Past Life

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy can help people access unconscious information about one's past lives, information about the "other side" (sometimes we refer to this as the Afterlife), and access your Akashic Records which is a fancy word for your various soul contracts and agreements before incarnation. To find a hypnotherapist, you would have to search for a person who is trained to give Past LIfe Regressions. These people are often also Analytical or Psychodynamic Psychologists (but not all Analytical or Psychodynamic Psychologists are able to provide this service). Some of these people may have started out being Mediums or having Intuitive gifts and trained to provide this service. Also recommended: Card Readers and Psychics who are able to perform these sorts of readings by use of their tools or extraordinary gifts.

I want specific information about a certain area of my life

For this, I'd recommend a Psychic or a Card Reader. Oftentimes Card Readers and Psychics specialise in certain areas of a person's life. Some Psychics, like me, are better at giving love or relationship readings while other Psychics are better at giving intuitive insight about work, career, money, or just about anything else you can think of. Sometimes it helps to know the "Clairs" so that you are aware of exactly how the Psychic Intuitive you choose gains their information. I could write an entire article about the "Clairs", but this is a general idea of each one:

Each "Clair" is able to gain extraordinary knowledge through ordinary senses which expand to include that beyond what science can currently explain. Clairvoyance: Clear Seeing. Visions. Second Sight, Seers. Also includes those who dream the future. Clairsentience: Clear Feeling. Empaths or doing emotional reads of people or situations. Clairaudience: Clear Hearing. Many mediums have clairaudience. Claircognizance: Clear knowing.

Clairalience or Clairscent: Clear Smelling. Clairgustance: Clear Tasting. Sometimes also used to describe those who get Psychic "gut" impressions.

In closing, like in any field, there are specialists who are great at getting very specific with the information they are able to provide. Many psychics or readers, like general practitioners in medicine, are able to provide all of these services on a reasonable level. Ability tends to enhance with experience and it's always good to look into any Professional's reviews and backgrounds (Psychic or not) to inform any purchasing decision.

I hope you have enjoyed this article and find it helpful to informing your decision as you look to what sort of professional you should hire for your needs. And, of course, if you would like a reading, I offer those myself. I'm going to trust that I designed this site well enough that if you're interested in a reading, you'll be able to find out how to schedule one easily. : )

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