Why You Need The Tin Goat's Soy Candles (and Soap!)

MomentsAre sells a lot of cool stuff in their online Shop for Intuitives, from journals to mugs to bracelets and witchy supplies in general. What I want to focus on today is The Tin Goat company, from Philadelphia, PA.

Why do you need them? In a word, because they're Awesome.

The Tin Goat candles are home-made, scented hand-poured candles that can do wonders for the mind, body and spirit as you breathe in these heavenly aromas. And you are absolutely safe breathing deep with these candles, too. Most commercial candles are made of paraffin wax which release toxic chemicals into the air when burned. The Tin Goat candles are made with soy, instead. Soy is environmentally safe, and has a much lower melting point which means these candles will last longer than the usual types of candles you'll find elsewhere.

A long burning candle is what you'll be after once you smell these scents. The Tin Goat's soy candles smell so good you're going to want to indulge in these gorgeous aromas for as long as possible. Speaking of aromas, another benefit of scented candles is the magical aromatherapy powers they possess.

Lavender will help calm anxiety and nerves, Vetiver is great for grounding and meditation, while the stimulating properties of Dragon's Blood can put anyone in the mood for love. Alternately, you could liven up the room with scents like Matcha Lemon or Lime Coconut or spice things up with Ginger Saffron or Cinnamon Chai. Whatever mood you’re after, The Tin Goat will have a soy candle to suit your needs.

The vibes don’t just end at scented candles - The Tin Goat also offers a range of luxury handmade natural soaps which smell amazing and can instantly impress guests with their aesthetic appeal.

To take a look at the range of soaps The Tin Goat has on offer, visit the MomentsAre Shop.

For environmentally friendly, homemade, hand-poured enchanting candles that won’t hurt your wallet (or your lungs) - you really do need to try out The Tin Goat’s Soy Candles.

They’re only $10 each with flat rate shipping to anywhere in the United States, Canada, the UK and Australia.

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