(July 10, 2021)

I ordered a love reading and what Kassi sent to me was incredibly insightful and compassionate. She described my person of interest so well. I could tell that she was truly able to tune into his energy. I had a good impression of Kassi based on her videos on Youtube, and how she came across in her written reading for me is the same. The level of detail and care in my reading made me feel like I was getting advice from a very intelligent, kind and intuitive friend. I've ordered personal readings from different people over the years, and I read tarot too, and I can say without reservation that Kassi is one of the best readers I've found.


(June 26, 2021)

My experience with Kassi was beyond wonderful! She picked up all the little details without fail and gave great advice to my situation. My reading gave me exactly the information that I needed and much much more. I look forward to my next reading with Kassi, and I will definitely recommend this amazing reader to anyone who needs her service.


(May 14, 2021)

wow! Kassi is everything I thought and more. I think I trust her readings more than any reader I've ever used. She is completely transparent in her delivery with so much compassion and finesse. She is the real deal! You won't be disappointed XO"This is a Testimonial. Let your customers tell the world how great you are."


(May 10, 2021)

Kassi's reading for me was spot-on, both interpreting the cards incorporating the details I had shared as background, but also resonating deeply with many other details about the situation which I had not included for the sake of brevity. I opted for an email reading which was answered promptly and insightfully after the time slot I had booked. Highly recommended as a reader!


(May 10, 2021)

Kassi gave me such a wonderful & insightful reading on a stressful situation and I’m so glad, she really is a gift and her warm & inviting personality makes it even better, one of the best of the best for sure!!


(May 6, 2021)

I absolutely loved her reading I would recommend. Everything resonated with me and it real 100 percent honest.


I am so so grateful that I found Kassi and booked a reading with her. Kassi explained everything patiently to make sure I understand and she went beyond to clarify everything for me. Her reading gave me so much clarities and faith on the path I am currently on. I have watched so many times to remind myself that the situation is actually very promising! Thank you so much again Kassi!


The way she explained things made me understand the motive behind my POI's actions. She did not just accurately describe the past and present events that I already knew to be correct-but she helped me understand the other person's perspective. I trust her predictions as I know she connected well with my situation!


I appreciate the very fast typing and accurate detailed responses. Thank you!!


Kassi's reading was really what I needed. It placed the ball back in my court and me back in the driver seat of my life instead of remaining in passive and (in my case) stagnant waiting energy. She's welcoming, professional and honest. Really appreciated the insights especially as they require me to grow (however uncomfortable)!


Wow that was the best chat I have ever had. Picked up immediately on my situation and wow typed as fast and detailed in her connection Thank you very much will absolutely be back.


I got the 3 question reading and she gave a thorough reading. I got a lot out of it and enjoyed it. Thank you!


I highly recommend Kassi as a reader. She is able to balance honesty and forthrightness with kindness and positivity. You can trust that she will convey the truth of what she sees. She can identify aspects of the situation that you may not be able to see and explain them in a clear way. It took me time to understand how insightful some of her advice turned out to be. I have acted with her advice in mind on more than one occasion with success. She includes both theoretical explanations of relationship dynamics and concrete, practical suggestions. If you're looking to experience greater clarity and understanding in some area of your life, Kassi is the reader for you!